Iori Tajika


Born in Kobe, Japan, Iori Tajika graduated from College of Visual Arts in Osaka.

Upon graduation, Tajika joined Commercial Photo Wave Studio in Kobe. He studied under Yutaka Miyamoto for 2 years where he worked mainly on still life photography.

Tajika then moved to Tokyo and worked for several years at 10BAN Studio and GRIP10BAN. At both 10BAN Studio and GRIP10BAN, he worked as a professional assistant for many photographers, working mostly in commercial and fashion photography.

Recently, his passion for photography has brought him to New York City, and he started his career as a freelance photographer where he is focusing on commercial photography.




2003 APA Award, APA (Advertising Photographer’s Association) Exhibition

2004 Third Place, JPS (Japan Professional Photographer’s Society) Exhibition

2004 Japan Siber Hegner Award, Japan Visual Studio Association Photo Exhibition

2005 Second Place, Japan Visual Studio Association Photo Exhibition